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PINNACLE AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS: 3D Imaging Alignment Machine Comparable to Hunter Hawkeye, John Bean V1200, Hoffman Geoliner, Ranger Target 3D Pro

Pinnacle Automotive Systems provides state of the art Wheel Alignment Equipment for your Automotive Customer and Service Business We currently have 4 models to choose from to make sure we fit everyone’s budget, but we make sure we don’t sacrifice quality and accuracy because a customer’s choice is an entry level wheel aligner versus our top of the line wheel aligner. All-wheel aligners are equipped with 4 camera technology and additional measurement screens to determine if a frame is square or not. These are typically a paid add-on for our competitors. Our camera filtering technology is virtually impervious to outside light sources, so you never need to worry about flooding the cameras. Lastly, all our systems are plug and play so you don’t pay for proprietary hardware and unnecessary service calls. Pinnacle wheel aligners offer you a variety of models at a price point that can satisfy any automotive shops budget, from the small independent service center to the largest automotive dealership or tire store.

T75 Imaging Alignment Machine$16,995
T75 Imaging
Alignment Machine

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T75A Imaging Alignment Machine$17,995
T75A Imaging
Alignment Machine

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T75B Imaging Alignment Machine$18,495
T75B Imaging
Alignment Machine

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JUMBO 3D SuperAlignment Machine$34,995.00
JUMBO 3D Super
Alignment Machine

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Pinnacle Alignment Machines provide:

Accuracy at a fair price, no longer are you forced to pay higher prices for a solid system that performs all the functions needed from a 3D imaging aligner.

Fast and easy operation, the Pinnacle Wheel Aligner offers ease of operation while maintaining the highest accuracy levels required by today’s Hi-Tech vehicles. Our software is fast and permits technicians to have all their alignment readings in as little as two minutes.

Accurate, all Pinnacle brand models offer alignment geometry accuracy to within + - 0.03 degrees.

Standard Technology Features include:

Patented targets made from premium materials are wear and temperature resistant to provide improved service life, while reducing maintenance costs.

HUB Board is a strong design that intelligently controls cameras, light source indicators, and other vital components, the HUB effectively improves the service life of these key components.

High Precision Cameras are high-speed 5-megapixel industrial cameras which insures data stabilization and maximum imaging precision.

Intelligent Module Switchover, Pre-check, pre-measurement, pre-adjustment function module can automatically switch over to back up paths reducing complicated manual operation.

Intelligent Run out Compensation offers a continuous image that records the entire movement of the target during run out, for fast and accurate target acquisition and compensation. No need to stop and wait for a reading!

Complete Vehicle Database is fast and easy to use and provides help screens and data for over 20,000 vehicles and with annual updates via the internet, you will save thousands of dollars over the life of the equipment.

Comparable to Hunter Hawkeye, John Bean V1200, Hoffman Geoliner, Ranger Target 3D Pro




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