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Manatec: The First Imaging Heavy Duty Truck Aligner

World’s 1st Imaging Wheel Aligner for Multi-Axle Trucks, Buses & Trailers. Perform alignment readings on all 5 axles under 3 minutes.

Jumbo 3D Super supplied with 10 targets and integrated wheel brackets enable the user to measure results of all 5 axles simultaneously.

  • One shot Runout compensation of all 5 axles
  • One shot caster swing for twin steer axles
  • Quick results, high productivity
  • Less labor cost

Jumbo 3D uses latest, innovative, digital-imaging technology by deploying quad camera system for data acquisition. High-resolution digital cameras, two per side, operate with intelligent software & capture seamless images of targets.

We love our upgraded Pinnacle.

Since my last post, I have sold my T51 to another shop (who, by the way, loves it) and have upgraded to the Pinnacle Model T75. My shop people love the new features and really like the remote tablet and lower 19” monitor.

I had my T51 for over a year and because it worked flawlessly, I chose to upgrade to the Model T75. The T75 aligner from Pinnacle was also purchased at a considerable cost savings to a comparable Hunter or Snap-On unit.

The larger 32” LCD monitor screens are easy to see visually and the 19” lower monitor, with the remote control tablet makes it easy to follow and operate the program from under the car as well. Most importantly, as with my earlier Model T51, the unit is very accurate and provides us with straight-steering wheels every time.

Owner / API Service
Bel Air, MD

Pinnacle Alignment works flawlessy.

I am a shop owner in the Baltimore Maryland area and have been looking for an aligner which could compare favorably to a Hunter Alignment System, but without the Hunter price.

After researching various brands and discussion with the Pinnacle staff, I decided to buy their model T51 aligner. I have had this unit now for approximately 9 months and it has worked flawlessly. The aligner from Pinnacle was purchased for half the cost of a comparable Hunter or Snap-On unit.

The screens are easy to understand and most importantly, the unit is very accurate and provides us with straight steering wheels every time. If you are considering purchasing an aligner, I highly recommend the Pinnacle Alignment products.

Owner / API Service
Bel Air, MD

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