TECH TIP THURSDAY: Adjust for the Crown

A crown is the high point that runs lengthwise down the center of the road. The sides of this high point are sloped away from the center to allow for drainage. It is normally sloped around 0.5” per foot of road from the center.

TECH TIP TUESDAY: Don't Skip Your Pre-Alignment Checks

Being thorough when completing pre-alignment inspections is very important. Taking a few moments to make sure all things are in line can prevent your shop a come-back, and even better, can prevent lost business.

TECH TIP TUESDAY: Turn Plate Issues

Wheel alignment plays a major role in ensuring your vehicle runs and performs safely as vehicles rely on precision to continue to function properly. Tires and wheels being out of alignment effect your tire life and performance, gas mileage and maneuverability.

SEMA Award Winner! - Best New Tire & Related Product

Pinnacle is proud to be selected as a SEMA Award Winner for Best New Tire & Related Product. Pinnacle Automotive Systems would like to thank all those who visited our booth  this year in Vegas. We look forward to next year and want to invite you back again.

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